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Helping leaders build great businesses, live better lives, and positively impact their world

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Chris knew at a young age the entrepreneurial life was for him – he started his first business at 16, and later graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurship. He then founded a technology business that grew into being the market leader. From there, he started and built four more companies, three of which became market leaders and were sold.

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During those years, Chris joined a business owners peer group and discovered he loved helping his peers and had a real knack for it. That passion led him to become the leader of the organization, growing it from helping 20 business owners in California to over 400 around the country to build better companies, become better leaders, and live more fulfilling lives.

From there, he went looking for other ways to help leadership teams run better companies and live their best lives…EOS was the perfect fit. Chris’ unique experience base of helping hundreds of companies turn their vision into reality, 35+ years as an entrepreneur, and 15+ years of emphasis on creating healthy and high performing teams is ideal for helping growth-minded leadership teams implement EOS and get what they want from their businesses.


On the personal side, Chris and his wife enjoy traveling, hiking, and spending time with their two sons and daughters-in-law. He counts faith, family and friendships as his greatest treasures. He and his wife are also passionate about leader development, helping exploited children, and supporting micro-entrepreneurs in the developing world.

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The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) is a simple, holistic, and proven system for busy leaders that facilitates business growth, predictability, and scale up.

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  • Become a more aligned, healthy, and cohesive team that enjoys working together and gets the right work done.
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